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October 12, 2011 / politicsmama

The 53%

Did you hear about this site?  Thanks to pjMom.

Love this.  Real Americans.  Real accomplishments.

I’m really proud.

And yeah, I’m one of the 53%.  And so is my working husband.  And so are my parents.  And that’s how I was raised.

Check out what the 53% has to say.

October 12, 2011 / politicsmama

An Open Letter to Herman Cain

Dear Mr. Cain,

I watched you at the Republican Debate that took place in New Hampshire yesterday, Wednesday October 12.  I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your overall demeanor.  You strike me as confident, yet humble.  As a potential politician, that is a mighty rare combination.  I was struck by your frequent and seemingly genuine smile.  I liked that.  I like that you do not take yourself so seriously that you are unable to enjoy the goings on around you during the debate.  You were serious when speaking, but I caught the frequent smile and it made me smile.

I love that you are not a career politician and the closest you got to politics was serving on the Federal Reserve Board in Kansas City.  I love that you have real leadership experience in the real world, i.e. the private sector, as the CEO of Godfather Pizza.  You come from humble beginnings and yet look where you’ve made it.  What an inspiration you are.  Hard work, honesty, dedication, and strong values.  I believe our founding fathers, including George Washington, would be proud to have you as part of their exclusive club of American presidents and leaders.

I am 100% for you as a candidate for President of the United States of America.  I refuse to believe the naysayers that say a non-politican can’t hack it as President.  I refuse to believe that a simple, yet effective plan such as 9-9-9 can’t work.  They are saying these things because they are insiders and they want to support a middle of the road candidate that they think is “electable”.  What is electable anyway?  I will tell you: anyone that Americans choose to believe would be a good President is electable.  It is up to US, the American people, to get that person elected.  All we have to do is vote for him or her.  You are electable because you are a solid, trustworthy candidate for President of the United States and I believe in you and your ideas to make this country reach its potential.  Do not get me wrong.  I do not expect a miracle worker in the White House (unlike the droves that turned out to vote for Obama).  I do not expect the President to fix every problem that we are currently experiencing in federal government or in our everyday lives.  That is not the President’s job.  However I do expect that your ideas and proposed solutions would take us along the right path toward economic prosperity and returning this country to greatness.

So with that Mr. Cain, in case you couldn’t already tell, you have my vote.  Hang in there.  Stay tough.  Stay optimistic.  And keep smiling.  This country needs positive, strong, and bold leadership such as yours and I’m thrilled to be able to support a person like you.


Politics Mama

October 9, 2011 / politicsmama

Governor Jerry Brown Signs the California Dream Act Into Law

Congrats California!  You are systematically flushing our state down the toilet, one law at a time.

In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about… Governor Jerry Brown signed the California Dream Act into law yesterday.  Illegal immigrants can now apply and be accepted to public community colleges and universities in California AND apply for and receive financial aid to help pay for it.  AWESOME.  This is an excellent use of our resources in California and a perfectly delightful way to incentivize more illegals to have babies here, where their kids can get a partially subsidized or free education, from K-12 and through college.

I’m disgusted.  Reason #1005 to move out of state.

Read all about it here.

October 5, 2011 / politicsmama

John Ratzenberger on Labor in America

I just saw John Ratzenberger (of Cheers and Toy Story fame) on Your World with Neil Cavuto on FOX News.  He is championing a cause that I wholeheartedly believe in: MAKING THINGS.  Building things.  Real labor.  People having actual skills that they employ in their jobs.  I could really go crazy on this topic.  Frankly I probably need to devote a whole other post to it.  But I really worry for our children’s future.  We don’t know how to make anything.  By “we”, I mean, most people today.  I don’t know how to sew a dress or build a dog house.  Do you?  Do you know how to change the oil in your car or repair the shingles on your roof?  I’ll bet the answer is no. My dad is an electrician.  Not only is he highly skilled in the electrical trades (NON union), but he repairs cars, does wood working, and also does plumbing, concrete, and general construction type of work around the house.  Men and women like him are far and few between these days.  Especially if you live in an upper-middle class area like mine.  Everyone around here works in an office or laboratory.  Washing your own car?  Repairing the fence in your backyard?  Nah, I’ll hire someone for that.

There is dignity and pride in working with your hands and MAKING things with them.  It is honorable and honest.  Something has happened to many Americans where we no longer value these things.  I personally think it is our materialism.  We want so many things, and we want to be wealthy.  Hard, manual labor isn’t glamorous or fun.  It probably will not get you wealthy.  But it will pay the bills and allow you to be self-sufficient.  That is the most important thing, right?

Take a look at this interview with AOL.  This sums up what John discussed with Neil on FOX.

If you want to know more about the cause, 10 x 20 (that’s 10 million new labor jobs by 2020), go here.  Interesting reading and there is a pledge you can sign.

September 17, 2011 / politicsmama

Another Reason to Like Ford: The Drive One Anti-Bailout Commercial

You may have heard about this commercial.  It’s getting a lot of press.  A real customer named Chris talks about why he wanted to buy an American car from Ford specifically, the only American car company not bailed out by the federal government. Here it is if you haven’t seen it.

The commercial has received a lot of attention, so Chris went on to create a brief YouTube video to explain why he did it.  Brilliant.  I love what he says here!

For whatever reason, my parents were “Ford” people from as far back as I can remember.  As a child growing up we had a Ford Montego, Mercury Capri, Ford F-150, Ford F-350, Ford Thunderbird, Ford F-150 (a different one), Ford Escort (my first car!), Ford Mustang GT (V8, 5 speed…. YES) and now my dad has another Super Duty 4×4 F150.  As a bonus, when I was in sales I drove two different Ford Tauruses.  People (especially around where I live it seems) love to make jokes about how American cars are total crap.  I have driven them my whole life (I’ve never owned a foreign car amazingly!) and can tell you at least when it comes to the ones I’ve owned, this is absolutely untrue.  We’ve always taken good car of our cars.  Regular maintenance, repair things that are broken quickly, and frequent washes and waxes – that’s really all it takes, like with any car.  I now drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee which has also been very good to me and is American.

There was a time maybe 30 years ago when yes, American cars had serious quality issues.  But the manufacturers turned things around and I think overall their cars are as of high quality, maybe even better in some cases, than foreign cars.  Of course things are getting muddied because many foreign manufacturers build their cars here in the United States.  But my point is that my parents and I have stuck with companies like Ford for a long time and they haven’t let us down.  As Chris in the commercial says, there is some value to putting your money where your mouth is.  Its a lesson Americans used to know and live but seem to have forgotten in our over materialistic, quantity-driven world.

As Chris said, I hope his message does resonate.  It’s a reminder that Americans need.  I hope Ford continues to take the high road and do the right thing, particularly when it comes to government intervention.  I know they will be rewarded.

h/t LCR


September 16, 2011 / politicsmama

Referendum on California SB-48: Action Alert for Californians

Have you heard of this Senate Bill?  It has already been passed and signed by the governor.  aka, it’s law now or will be once it’s implemented.  Essentially the goal of this law is to require California public schools to teach, among other things, about how gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual people have contributed to California’s development and history.  Required people.  Starting with students as young as age 5.  No, this is not a joke.

For the record, I don’t really care what someone’s “orientation” is.  If they are not harming me or anyone else, it is not my business.  So why we need to teach this to our children as “history” is beyond me.  What happened to be kind to everyone?  Their background, color of skin, gender, age, shape, whatever… none of it matters.  Be kind.  Be considerate.  Treat others as you would like to be treated.  If we all followed these words a little more, perhaps we’d feel less need to single every single type of person out to be recognized and/or martyred…. depending on how you look at it.

I’ve already printed and signed the referendum petition.  They need 750,000 California voters to sign this by September 30th.  Take 5 minutes (literally that is all it took me) and print and sign it.  Then have your husband or wife sign it.  Then stick it in an addressed and stamped envelope and get it to your mailbox asap.

Visit for all the details and to download the petition.

To get the facts for yourself, read the full text of the bill here.

Announcement on passage of the bill into law by Tom Torlakson, our Superintendent of Public Instruction for California.

September 14, 2011 / politicsmama

Paul Ryan’s Tax Reform Video

God Bless Paul Ryan!  This man is an effective and common sense communicator and legislator.  Remind me why Paul Ryan isn’t running for president?

Oh, and by the way, the ideas in this video seem so common sense to me.  What am I missing?  How can Americans protest this?  What is their beef with lower taxes for everyone?  How can that not be fair?  The way I see it, our taxes should be as minimal as possible to finance the government’s required operations.  Government should always focus on what it does best (or least worst, depending on how you look at it): defense, infrastructure, security.  If it were doing this, our taxes could be lower, and everything would be paid for.  Private industry and charity could and would pick up where the government leaves off.  To me, this is the American way.  But clearly I must be missing something because millions of Americans seem to think more taxes, particularly on the most successful in our country, and more government intervention is the answer.  Something doesn’t add up here.